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Kaitlin H

I signed up for Hayley's beginner Spanish course as a birthday gift to myself as I wanted to kick off a new year by learning a new language (one that several of my close friends speak fluently), and have wanted to learn more about Latin culture. I couldn't have made a better decision! The classes were well planned and structured, broken down into categories that built upon one another, as were the "tarea" (homework assignments) that we were assigned each day. I was so impressed by how much we learned every class, and how it was a perfect balance of writing, verbs, colloquial vocab, pronunciation, etc - ultimately resulting in the whole class being able to make conversation and write full paragraphs in Spanish after the 10 weeks! I learned way more of the language that I ever felt was possible in the 20 classes, and had so much fun while doing so. Hayley made sure to integrate a lot of travel and cultural vocabulary into each class, making the concepts we learned even more valuable. The classes themselves were small groups of adults of all ages from all across Canada, several of whom I am thankful to now call friends that I still stay in touch with regularly. I would recommend to anyone curious about Spanish to register and see how easy it is to learn this beautiful language in such a fun setting! Hayley es la mejora proffe, y yo estoy muy emocionada de tomar el próximo curso!

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Jo B

For years I've been wanting to learn Spanish but never found the right venue. Hayley's methods of teaching are interactive and so much fun. I can actually make sentences (in Spanish) now after just one session and I can understand so much more than "Qué hora es?"!!! I am definitely signing up for the next session with her! Gracias por ser mi mejor y favorita maestra, Hayley!"

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Andria S

With a South American backpacking adventure in my sights for 2021, I felt it really important to be able to speak with the locals in their own language. Hayley's class could not have come at a better time or have been any more perfect for me. Her classes touch on all individual learning styles, so no one ever feels behind, and it is INCREDIBLE how quickly her course will have you conversing in Spanish. I'm amazed that at 31 I was able to not only learn a new language, but speak with confidence. I can't wait for the next session. Tú puedes aprender un nuevo idioma y tú también puedes divertirte- signn up for her class immediately and turn learning into a total fiesta!